Cristian M. Amaya

Biomedical Engineer | Systems and Computing Engineer Student



Who am I?

Welcome to my website, I am a Biomedical engineer and Systems and Computing engineer student completing the final year of my second undergraduate program. I am passionate about programming and computer vision, with strong technical and interpersonal skills for working in a team and successfully completing a project, also a strong desire to improve and learned more along the way.


Academic or Professional Projects that I'm proud of

Professional projects
  • A Yolo-based ALPR: An Automatic License Plate Reader, or ALPR, that was able to detect license plates and classify the characters within with YOLO, the state of the art in term of real-time detections.
    Example of a license plate detection and the OCR process on the plate.
  • FFmpeg-based libraries and programs for H.265 transcodification: Libraries and programs made for batch transcodification of videos to the H.265 Codec

Academic projects
  • 3D Multi-scale CNN for Isointense Infant MR Image Segmentation: I used a deep learning algorithm known as DeepMedic, a 3D multi-scale CNN for brain lesion segmentation, is used to develop an effective segmentation method for 6-month infant MR multimodal images.
    Sample slices of T1-weighted, T2-weighted and manual segmentation of a subject.
  • Horus: A OCR and TTS system to help people with visual disabilities to read academic texts.


Hobbies, interests & pastimes
  • Image and Video Editing: I always like to make and edit movies since I was little, recently I have been learning to use GIMP for image editing.
    Example of image editing for a friend and my brother.
  • Reading: Since I was a little boy, I liked to read various books and consider myself a bookworm. My favorites are One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
    Favorite books.
  • Movies: When I was a teenager, I started watching thousands of different movies, old or new, and discover a real passion for cinema. My favorite movies are Children of Men by Alfonso Cuaron and Aliens by James Cameron.
    Favorite movies.
  • Anime/Manga: I'm a big fan of Japanese manga series such as One Piece, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Dr. Stone and Hajime no Ippo. Also I like to watch two or more anime each season,but my favorite anime series of all time are Neon Genesis Evangelion by Hideaki Anno and One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.
    Favorite Anime Opening Theme: Brand New World.

Academical and Professional Experience

Professional Experience
  • Ci2 (October 2017 - Now): As Software developer and part of the Artificial Vision Development Group
  • Universidad de los Andes (2015-2018)
    • Investigation Assistant (June 2017-December 2017): Assistant in a Virtual Reality Environments study, I was able to develop mobile VR apps and perform tests.
    • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (January 2015-December 2018): I was assigned to develop lectures and help grading students works for a series of undergraduate classes.
  • MCS Tech SAS (June 2016-July 2016): Intern, I was assigned to learned to use a biometric engine to develop biometric identification software.

Academic Experience

  • Systems and Computing Engineer (2016-2019): Undergraduate degree in the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
  • Biomedical Engineer (2014-2017): Undergraduate degree in the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
  • High School Graduated(2004-2013): High school diploma from Jose Max Leon School, Colombia.


My skillset develop through the years
  • Artificial Vision: YOLO, OpenCV, DeepMedic.
  • Languages: C1 level English and basic A1 German.
  • Programing Languages: Java, C#, Matlab, Python.
  • Web Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS.
  • Soft Skills: Multidisciplinary team work, flexibility, analytic problem solving.

About Me

Cristian Amaya-Porras

A biomedical engineer and systems engineer student from Colombia, born on December 6, 1995.